Supporting People Management Solution

System Administration

The System Administration functions allow users with Administrative Security Rights to control other users access to areas of the system. Local Authorities, Contract and Service Provider details are also maintained in this section together with System Settings.

Manage Users

The system has number of security roles defined. Each role has access restricted to only the appropriate areas of the system and users are allocated a particular Role. For example, a User allocated the Role of 'Service Person' will only be able to record and amend details of clients for Services that they are allocated to and enter their own hours worked.  A 'Service Manager' will be able to manage resources and report on the hours worked for the employees for which they are responsible.

Managing Users:

   Manage Users Input
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Manage Local Authorities

All local authorities are pre-entered onto the system. Contact details can be recorded against each contracted local authority.

Manage Contracts

Details of contracts are maintained and include Contract Id, National Client Provider ID and Local Authority Provider Reference.

Managing Contracts:

   Screenshot - Managing Contracts
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Manage Service Provider

Details of the service provider including CORE Provider and SP Provider ID's and contact details are maintained.

Managing Provider:

   Screenshot -Manage Provider
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