Supporting People Management Solution

Installation Options

There are two main options for the installation of the Supporting People Management Solution: We are able to supply and configure hardware for either solution.
Software costs are banded and based on the number of Services provided.

Secure Hosted Solution

The most flexible option, and suited to users who do not have a centralised IT Infrastructure, consists of a  File server, containing the programs and data, hosted by us at a secure data centre. Connection to this is made over a secure Virtual private Network (VPN). This utilises broadband (ADSL) connections to access the programs through a web browser from any configured location.



Head Office System

This option is more suited to users who have a centralised IT infrastructure. It requires the Central Server to be sited in the head office, or other appropriate location.  Access to the system can be gained either directly from a PC or by a secure VPN for remote sites.




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