Supporting People Management Solution

Managing Services

The Supporting People Management Solution has built-in Service Management facilities that enable the effective control of Services and Accommodation.

This includes:

  • Creating and Maintaining a Service
  • Service Capacity Amendment
  • Out of Hours Cover Management
  • Resource Allocation Management
  • Accommodation Management
  • Performance Indicator Quarterly Workbooks Production

Creating and Managing a Service:

The Service Name and ID are captured together with full details, such as the service type (e.g. outreach service, residential care home etc.), cover provided and staffing. Where possible dropdown lists and option buttons are used for efficiency and accuracy. The data collected is used to provide accurate Management Information and automatically produce Performance Indicator Quarterly Workbooks.

The system also allows approved users to manage Out Of Hours Cover, Resource Allocations, Accommodation and Service Capacity changes.

Resource Allocation:
  Manage Resource Allocations

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Performance Indicator Quarterly Workbooks

The Performance Indicator Quarterly Workbooks are available at the touch of a button. The days that used to be spent completing this complex return for the ODPM are a thing of the past, these returns now being instantly completed by the system.

A n example of a completed 'Performance Indicator Quarterly Workbook':


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