Supporting People Management Solution

Managing Resources

The Supporting People Management Solution enables the effective management of staff and other resources.

This includes:

  • Recording Hours worked for each staff member
  • Recording Locum Cover used for each staff member
  • Maintaining Resource Pools
  • Reporting on resource usage

Managing Staff Members

Staff members details are maintained by users having administrative security rights.

The system records the number of days and number of hours per week that each staff member usually works, the percentage of their time normally allocated to support (if any) and tracks the actual amount of time that each resource is allocated across Contracts and Services.

Pooled Resource Management

Resource pools allow the allocation of pooled resources. A number of staff members can belong to a particular resource pool with pools being allocated across Contracts and Services.

Recording and Reporting of Hours Worked

Each user is able to enter their hours worked each week and the system will allocate their time across the services to which they have been allocated. The system will prompt for details for the next unrecorded week. Where Locum cover is used, this can be recorded against the member of staff covered.

Only Managers and System Administrators have the rights to amend this information.

Reports can only be accessed by nominated members of staff. Reporting is available by contract, specific service, resource pool or individual member of staff. The report outputs weekly hours, hours actually worked, the amount of and reason for any Locum cover recorded against each individual.

An example of an 'Hours Worked Report':

Screenshot of Hours Worked by Individual staff member













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