Supporting People Management Solution

Service Provision

It is important to record the availability of accommodation. Details of properties that are Void or otherwise Unavailable are recorded and reports extracted to provide detailed management information.

Unavailability and Voids

The system has facilities for recording unavailable accommodation, together with reasons and dates and automatically records voids from the details entered in the capture of Client Records/CORE Lettings information. When the property becomes available and the Unavailability is ended its status is automatically changed to a void state. When a client is allocated to the void property, the void status is removed.

Reporting on Accommodation Unavailability and Voids

Reports are produced in PDF for Void and/or Unavailable properties by service for specified time periods.

An example of an 'Accommodation Voids Report':

Screenshot of Accomodation Voids report

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An example of an 'Accommodation Unavailability and Voids Report':

Screenshot of Accommodation Unavailabilty & Voids report

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