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Manage Requirements

Managing requirements is a key process area; the better the communication and management of requirements, the better chance of project success. The first step to any effective requirements management process is recording the requirements that have been gathered. This ensures accurate communication and management of the requirements as they evolve. Documents are a natural format for recording requirements because they provide context and accommodate supplementary information.

Documents, though useful for requirement capture, are not an optimal environment to prioritise and organise information; these are activities ideally suited for a database. It follows that using aoftware that links a database with captured requirements provides an optimal solution. Such software development tools leverage the power of a database and the freedom of word-processing for more effective requirements management, by tracking organisation, prioritisation, relationships and changes of requirements.

Assigning attributes such as priority, difficulty, status, owner, and version number help the management of requirements in a way that is impossible with documents alone. Related requirements can be linked so that as change occurs to one requirement its impact on other related requirements can be identified, providing visual notification of change and its effect across the project. This ability to perform impact analysis enables quick, informed decisions for scope management or resource allocation.

As requirements evolve, each modification made can be captured and tracked. This audit trail of change gives the who, what, why and when a requirement modification was made, helping the analysis of its necessity and impact across the project.



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