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.NET Consultancy and Bespoke System Development

Applied Software Solutions provide bespoke .NET Windows and Web-based development and consultancy services. Applied Software Solutions have created Model-Driven Rapid Application Development tools to aid in their .NET application development.

Using these tools at the core of our development:-

  • We can dramatically increase developer productivity, and enable our clients to realise a much enhanced Return on Investment (ROI) from their software projects.
  • Our developers can make more immediate use of new technology, and can re-engineer legacy applications, at a lower cost.
  • We have a more efficient way to develop software solutions using the .NET platform.

This provides many business advantages to our clients:-

  • Reduced development costs
  • Reduced development timescales
  • Allows concentration of effort into the areas of functionality most needed
  • Centralised system structure and improved understanding and communication between business analysts and systems analysts
  • Automates and standardises manipulation of data
  • Accelerated development and reduced risk
  • Provides a means of exposing systems both on a Desktop and on the Web 
  • Makes it easy to leverage legacy data
  • Ensures that more of the required functionality is delivered on time and to specification
  • Provides a cleaner more efficient solution
  • Maximised Return on Investment

Some of our recent projects include:-

  • Housing Association Rent and Payment Tracking
  • Electronic Equipment Leasing and Administration
  • White and Brown goods Replacement Service
  • Author and Publisher Matching Service

The industry sectors we have developed for include:-

  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Computing
  • Publishing

Did you know...?

  • Only 16% of software projects are finished on time
  • 31% of projects are cancelled
  • 53% of projects exceed the budgeted costs by over 85%
  • On average, completed systems contain only 61% of the required features

Source: Standish Group



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